Meditation Reduces Blood Pressure

The above chart shows how Transcendental Meditation reduces blood pressure more than standard medical protocols.

In a clinical experiment with elderly African Americans (mean age 66) dwelling in an inner-city community, Transcendental Meditation was compared with the most widely used method of producing physiological relaxation. Subjects who had moderately elevated blood pressure levels were randomly assigned Transcendental Meditation, Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR), or usual care.

All of the following journals reported that the Transcendental Meditation technique successfully lowers high blood pressure:

  • American Journal of Hypertension 21(3) (2008): 310-6.
  • Current Hypertension Reports 9 (2007): 520-52 [read full article]
  • American Journal of Hypertension 18(1) (2005): 88-9 [read full article]
  • American Journal of Cardiology 95 (2005):1060-106 [read full article]
  • American Journal of Hypertension 17 (2004): 366-369.
  • Psychosomatic Medicine, 61, 88, (1999): 525-53
  • Journal of the National Medical Association, 89, (1997): 464-476.
  • Hypertension 28 (1996): 228-237. [read full article]
  • Hypertension 26 (1995): 820-82 [read full article]
  • Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 57 (1989): 950-96
  • Psychosomatic Medicine 45 (1983): 41-46.
  • Harefuah [the Journal of the Israel Medical Association] 95(1)(1978): 1
  • Psychosomatic Medicine 37 (1975): 86.
  • Circulation 45 and 46 (1972): 516.

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American Heart Association Recommends TM for High Blood Pressure

An April 2013 report by the AHA concluded that the Transcendental Meditation technique lowers blood pressure and recommends that the TM technique be considered in clinical practice for the prevention and treatment of hypertension. The report stated that there is not enough scientific evidence to recommend any other meditation or relaxation technique.


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